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Tech Brief

SharePlex Connector for Hadoop Improving analytics with real- and near real-time data replication

Improving analytics with real- and near real-time data replication.

Many organizations today rely on data analytics to glean critical business intelligence and gain a competitive edge. And many of them are using Apache Hadoop, a leading open-source software framework that supports both data warehousing and data analytics.

But quality data analytics requires more than just a powerful tool like Hadoop—they also require up-to-the-minute data. Unfortunately, the most popular tool for bringing data into Hadoop delivers only snapshots of the data at a point in time. These snapshots often become out of date quickly, and refreshing them is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

This tech brief provides insight on how you can improve the process, with continuous replication of changes from an Oracle database to a Hadoop cluster, maintaining real-time or near real-time images of the source tables for all your data analytics needs.