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SQL Server Perfmon Counters Poster

Free Poster: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Using Perfmon

When it comes to performance monitoring, few tools offer as much reliability and universal access as Perfmon — and that alone makes it worth learning. Its counter thresholds give you a clear picture, so you can diagnose the root-cause of your SQL Server issues right away. And now you can do it all even faster with this unique reference.

This poster — produced by our world-class SQL Server experts at Quest — provides valuable tips and tricks to remember when using Perfmon. It will help you quickly build a hypothesis and uncover the slowest components on your servers.

This wall full of time-saving guidance was written by Kevin Kline (MVP) and Brent Ozar (MCM, MVP) with contributions from Christian Bolton (MCM, MVP), Bob Ward (Microsoft), and Rod Colledge (MVP).