Tech Brief

Streamline Backup and Recovery with NetVault LiteSpeed® for SQL Server

Database backup and recovery is becoming more difficult and more complicated. Two factors are putting a “double whammy” on today’s IT shops like never before: (1) the unabated explosion in data growth and (2) the ever-increasing need for data security. Further complicating these challenges is the fact that most IT shops use more than one database management system.

"As a database administrator (DBA) in a multi-platform shop," states Tom Sager, DBA team leader for E. ON U.S., "I have responsibility for developing and managing a database backup and recovery strategy that covers both Oracle and SQL Server while addressing our continued data growth and need for security." This technical brief explains how Tom Sager uses Quest’s NetVault LiteSpeed® for SQL Server and NetVault LiteSpeed for Oracle to effectively manage my fast-growing databases and comply with security requirements.