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Tech Brief

Taking Unix Identity and Access Management to the Next Level

Now that you've taken care of local users and groups - what's next?

The benefits of centralized management are obvious, but Identity Manager for Unix extends these benefits to truly simplify identity and access management for Unix systems. This technical brief explains how you can not only move to centralized management of local Unix users and groups, but to full identity and access management without adding infrastructure, relying on obsolete and non-compliant technologies (such as NIS), or deploying cumbersome and limited synchronization solutions. The Privileged Access Suite for Unix provides the path to:

  • Full Kerberos authentication and single sign-on for Unix, Linux, and Mac systems
  • Group Policy-based management of Unix, Linux, and Mac
  • Complete migration from NIS
  • Centralization and consolidation of identities
  • Strong authentication
  • Reporting on Unix-related identity and access information
  • Auditing, alerting, and change tracking
  • Streamlining of identity administration tasks around a single identity and a single administrator action
  • Security and compliance for Unix, Linux, and Mac systems