Tech Brief

The Bloor Group Product Watch - Toad BI Suite

Business Intelligence (BI) is evolving. The first generation of BI products had the virtue of superseding the traditional reporting capabilities of production systems. They enabled the collection of useful subsets of data for presentation to users as dashboards and other graphic visualizations. If nothing else, their popularity and extensive usage was a tribute to their value.

However they were not so easy to deploy and support. BI applications are fed by
data, and a significant drawback to these products was the amount of IT effort that they necessitated. This revealed itself in IT having to organize and manage data flows from operational systems via ETL and data cleansing, possibly through a data warehouse and/or data mart, before getting data to a user’s BI application.

Download this report from Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst at The Bloor Group, on next generation self-service BI and analytics tools and how they overcome the challenges with traditional BI tools.