Tech Brief

Toad Says RAC 'Em Up!

Quickly and Easily Deploy and Manage RAC

Are you running - or preparing to deploy - Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)? If so, save yourself time, money and headaches - find the right tool to configure and manage RAC.

In this Quest Software technical brief, see why Toad® DBA Suite for Oracle–RAC Edition is the must-have toolset for diagnosing and resolving bottlenecks in your Oracle environments. And it doesn’t matter where your skill set is - no matter your experience, Toad can make you a RAC superstar! In this technical brief, discover:

  • The power of Toad’s DBA-specific screens and Quest’s Spotlight on RAC.
  • RAC-friendly features in Spotlight, like the color-coded  display dashboard. 
  • Straightforward instructions to successfully connect Toad to your RAC database.
  • A wealth of tricks for mastering Toad’s RAC-enabled screens, including the Session Browser.
  • ...and much more!

Discover the power Toad gives you when deploying and managing RAC.