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Toad DBA Suite
for Oracle
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Learn how to collect and analyze performance metrics to predict the future behavior of your Oracle databases in this tech brief about predictive diagnostics.
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Toad DBA Suite for Oracle – Exadata Edition

Ensure Proper Exadata Configuration and Maximize Performance

When you choose Toad™ DBA Suite for Oracle – Exadata Edition, you get the only way to view the health of your entire Exadata environment on one screen. You’ll be able to monitor all the activity in your databases, memory, storage server (Exadata cells), Smart Scan, Smart Flash Cache, and Hybrid Columnar Compression – and the relationships between these components – from a single, intuitive interface. With increased visibility, you’ll quickly identify potential bottlenecks, proactively resolve them, and easily achieve your goal of ensuring peak system performance.


  • Home page Exadata view through the Spotlight® component lets you see the overall Exadata architecture in motion, including the relationship between databases and storage servers to help you predict performance bottlenecks.
  • Database health check helps you understand and report on your adherence to Oracle’s recommendations for optimizing your Exadata configurations.
  • SQL Optimizer component gives you a view into the execution plan and insight into the effectiveness of Exadata’s SQL query offloading operations.
  • Data grids show you how Exadata Bloom Filter is being used, particularly in warehouse and star schemas.
  • Scalability testing, through the Benchmark Factory component, allows you to conduct performance testing on Oracle Exadata RACs.
  • Up to eight hours of free, web-based training, enable you to take full advantage of Toad’s powerful functionality.


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