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Dell IAM White Board Video: Accessing Protected Content
Learn how Webthority makes accessing protected content through the web more secure.
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User Identity Management Across All Platforms

Centralize and Streamline Management of User Access Across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

A user identity drives everything in the user workspace – including applications, settings and permissions. To provide a seamless experience for users, you need to have a single user identity that governs their presence on every device and platform. With Quest, you can proactively define, configure, protect and support the user identity. Centrally manage all aspects of one identity for each user while providing a more standardized and secure environment. Rely on us to:

  • Configure a unique user profile in physical, virtual and cloud environments for a consistent user workspace
  • Provide complete end-point protection against malware, data theft and security breaches
  • Elevate privileges for essential applications while securing the network against unapproved or unlicensed software
  • Deliver secure, browser-based access to essential information without adding infrastructure
  • Support users anywhere with a help desk that can immediately diagnose and resolve issues using integrated tools

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Manage a Single User Identity with Ease Across the Entire IT Infrastructure

We help you centralize management of all aspects of the user identity -- including security privileges, single sign-on and consolidation of user-specific access -- across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Least Privilege User Management

Avoid security threats that arise when users have to act as local administrators to run applications and change Windows settings themselves. Wizard-driven rules automatically run those applications with elevated privileges without making users a local admin.

  • Cloud Access Manager
  • Defender
    Quest Defender uses the scalability and security of Active Directory for identity storage and management, enabling administrators to use their existing skill set to manage two-factor authentication and eliminating the costs and time involved in setting up and maintaining proprietary databases.

Web Single Sign-on and Strong Authentication

Quest lets you consolidate multiple SaaS and on-premise web resources and applications in one location as well as provide instant access. We help you implement a secure reverse proxy architecture so that only the appropriate users have remote access using AD-based SSO. We also enable two-factor and multi-factor authentication to network, web and applications-based resources.

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