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Windows 7 Migration

Upgrade Your Applications Twice As Fast and at Half the Cost – We’ll Show You How

It’s no surprise that Windows 7 migrations can be slow, complex and fraught with frustrating and expensive compatibility issues. But despite these hurdles, you’ve got to make the move – Microsoft will end support for Windows XP in 2014 and the clock is ticking.

No doubt you’ve got lots of questions. Which applications will work in Windows 7?  And what do you do about those that don’t? When is it a good idea to virtualize? And how can you make sure that every one of your applications is successfully switched over in time – without blowing your schedule or your budget?

Quest knows application compatibility. Our User Workspace Management solutions help you make quick, efficient transitions to Microsoft’s latest technologies. We make it easy to assess your entire application portfolio, fix any issues, virtualize where it makes sense, and avoid downtime for mission-critical applications. Best of all, you can do it all in a matter of weeks – not months.

Best Practices

To avoid a long and error-prone migration, follow these six best practices and ensure productivity:

  1. Discover. The typical corporate software environment can contain literally thousands of packaged and custom applications. Look for the fastest, most thorough way to understand what you have and where it is.
  2. Assess. You need a clear picture of not only which applications the business is using, but also how they affect one another. Plus, you’ll need to know the resources required to migrate them, and how long that migration will take.
  3. Fix. Address all compatibility issues, batching similar applications to save time and cover the most ground. Then test everything before redeploying.
  4. Virtualize. Virtualizing the right applications can make ongoing management and support much easier and more cost-effective.
  5. Deploy. If you’ve followed the first four steps, smooth Windows 7 deployment across your organization is your reward. Happy users, no disruption of mission-critical applications, and a quiet help desk mean you’ve planned well.
  6. Manage. To keep your business running optimally now and in the future, you need to create a long-term strategy encompassing everything from software updates to major migrations.

The result of this strategic approach: the smoothest possible migration – and a productive, adaptive environment for users across your organization.

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Our Expertise

Quest combines application compatibility, asset management and desktop virtualization to help you tackle even the most complex Windows 7 migrations. We combine deep understanding and extensive experience with the industry’s most advanced migration solutions to ensure smooth, simple and complete migrations in record time.

Quest Workspace ChangeBASE helps you assess, analyze, remediate and report on application compatibility – reducing the time and complexity of even the largest migrations from months to days.

  • Test and deploy web apps while assuring browser compatibility
  • Track resources and monitor progress with informative online dashboards
  • Automate application virtualization to cut packaging time and meet evolving user needs

 Quest Workspace Asset Manager delivers a complete and detailed asset inventory to ChangeBASE, then supports accurate, streamlined application life cycle management over time. It optimizes software licensing in both physical and virtual environments, for reduced costs, and minimal risk and higher productivity.

  • Automatically measure and meter usage for thousands of software packages –saving time and facilitating assessments
  • Automate license management -- tracking and reporting on upgrades, usage rights, and license histories to eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Control your application environment with dashboard alerts on software licensing and compliance, contracts, asset status,  usage and related hardware resources
  • Manage and support your virtual environment through seamless integration with Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Edgesight
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