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Virtual Trial

Evaluate All Quest Products in a Virtual Test Environment

Virtual Trial is a web-based, self-contained working virtual environment where you can evaluate the functionality of Quest solutions. Because it is a virtual environment, there is no installation required on your computer in order to try our solutions.

Please select a tab for the solution that you would like to try:


Recovery Manager for SharePointRecovery Manager for SharePointGranular SharePoint Recovery from Existing Backups

Site Administrator for SharePointSite Administrator for SharePointUnderstand, Manage and Secure Your SharePoint Environment

Storage Maximizer for SharePointStorage Maximizer for SharePointStore more data, improve SharePoint performance and reduce SQL infrastructure costs with automated external storage management

Web Parts for SharePointQuick Apps for SharePointDeliver SharePoint solutions that are easily supported, maintained and upgraded—up to 80% faster with no custom coding.


ChangeAuditor for ExchangeChangeAuditor for ExchangeTrack, audit, report and alert on non-owner mailbox and Exchange activity

Recovery Manager for ExchangeRecovery Manager for ExchangeLocate and recover business-critical Exchange data fast. Search based on sender, recipient, date, subject, message keyword or attachment keyword

Spotlight on MessagingSpotlight on MessagingReal-time diagnostics and problem resolution for Microsoft Exchange Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007


ActiveRoles ServerActiveRoles ServerIdentity administration, delegation and security for Active Directory

Authentication ServicesAuthentication ServicesIncrease the security, efficiency, and compliance of Unix, Linux, and Mac systems by leveraging Active Directory authentication, group management, single sign-on, and Group policy

Active Directory

ChangeAuditor for Active DirectoryChangeAuditor for Active DirectoryTrack, audit, report and alert on changes to Active Directory

Recovery Manager for Active DirectoryRecovery Manager for Active DirectoryAutomated backup and easy recovery of Active Directory data without taking Active Directory offline. You can also quickly compare what objects and attributes have been changed in the current state of Active Directory vs. a selected backup.


ChangeAuditor for Windows File ServersChangeAuditor for Windows File ServersTrack, audit, report and alert on changes to Windows file servers

User Workspace

Desktop Authority Management SuiteDesktop Authority Management SuiteCustomize, manage, secure and support each user’s unique workspace, no matter the device or login location.