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Quest vRanger vs. the Competition

The Industry Leader in Virtual Data Protection Just Got Better.

There's a reason why more than 38,000 customers trust Quest vRanger to protect their critical data. No other solution touches its speed and scalability – and it's ridiculously easy to use. And now, we're proud to introduce Quest vRanger 5.2, the most powerful virtual data protection solution in the industry. How powerful? Take a look below and see how it measures up, feature for feature, against the competition.

vRanger Product Comparison

vRanger v5.2 Veeam Backup and Replication v5.0.2PhD Virtual Backup v5.2 for VMware vSphere
Comparison Features
ESXi replication
Copy your critical data with the industry's fastest replication speeds, minimal strain on the network and reduced storage needs.
HotAdd backup
Make network backups of ESXi in under 5 minutes and focus on other essential tasks.
Enterprise scalability 
Control up to 59 simultaneous backup and recovery jobs across platforms from one console—preventing performance issues on virtualized applications from doing jobs one at a time on a single server.
Tunable resource manager
Use "Dynamic Resource Governing" feature to ensure backup and recovery operations don't impact performance of other virtualized applications or cause a costly outage.
Backup data validation
Validate each backup file in line and in real time without adding extra time to operations; plus, store files separately and individually so any file corruption will affect just one session, not a series of backups.
Native, integrated catalog
Locate all available backups immediately and restore files from anywhere to anywhere with three clicks -- without buying extra software to do this.
Fibre restore
Recover where and when you need to—fast—without creating backup traffic on the network that could impact production VMs or other key business systems.
vSphere 5 support
Allows you to scale to ESXi's HotAdd limit of 59 streaming VMDKs per backup job with vCenter-only credentialing for the market's most scalable, secure and integrated VMware data protection solution.
Multi-vendor cloud backup support 
Leverage the cloud for archived storage and multi-site disaster recovery by using leading hybrid-cloud solutions from Riverbed and StorSimple -- with no change in backup architecture needed.