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VMware ESX and ESXi Replication for Simple, Fast Disaster Recovery

vReplicator delivers simple, fast VMware ESX and ESXi replication and disaster recovery, optimized for image-based data handling. A "set-it-and-forget-it" configuration protects dynamic VMware environments with a practical disaster recovery plan that creates exact replicas of your virtual machines. You can setup efficient VMware replication to local or remote sites for easier access during data protection projects. The need for off-site tape rotations will be reduced or eliminated by relocating images to offsite locations as frequently as needed.


Replication and Recovery

  • vSphere 5 certified – exploits newly increased 59 streaming VDMK and 1 Terabyte memory limits
  • Virtual Appliance (VA) for ESXi data replication provides flexible and cost effective Disaster Recovery (DR) capability
  • Provides ESX and ESXi replication across your entire vSphere environment with one centralized installation
  • Reads only active blocks from the image using Active Block Mapping, minimizing backup windows and storage needs
  • Leverages distributed processing to avoid impact on host operations and sending VM data through a single, central server
  • Delivers one-to-many and many-to-many replication across LAN and WAN, for faster replication times, improved recovery point objectives, and greater reliability
  • Intelligently manages replication jobs by automatically identifying and resolving failed passes
  • Speeds backup and replication by detecting and ignore empty data blocks.
  • Securely encrypts data both in network transmission and at the target archive
  • Automates protection jobs with a scripting interface
  • Validates data to ensure recovery and that replica images are usable.
  • Supports vSphere Change Block Tracking, speeding backup and replication jobs by eliminating scan time for changed data
  • Supports vSphere thin disk provisioning, reducing network and storage space requirements

Disaster Recovery

  • Simplifies disaster recovery for VMware environments, enabling quick, cost effective recovery on- or off-site.
  • Combines with vRanger backup to ensure recovery time and point objectives meet your service level agreement requirements


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Replication wizard

Replication wizard

A flexible backup wizard allows you to protect your virtual environment quickly and easily.

Replication wizard

Report and manage SharePoint

vReplicator allows you to pre-seed a replication job with the contents of an existing virtual machine - getting you up and running fast with quick, efficient replication.

Replication wizard

Replication wizard

vReplicator offers both hybrid replication - a fast, efficient way to maximize the quantitiy of replication passes, or differential replication, for conservative snapshot managment.