Webcast on Demand

10 Steps to Cleaning Up Active Directory User Accounts and Keeping Them that Way

Presented by Randy Franklin Smith

Maintaining Active Directory in a clean, organized and secure state is a real challenge. In this real-training-for-free™ session, Randy feels your pain and shares scripts, reports and queries you can run against AD and security logs to discover the origin, status and usage of user accounts. Armed with data, you’ll be able to figure out what can be deleted and what needs to be fixed. Randy also discusses best practices to keep user accounts clean, organized and secure going forward.

Additional topics discussed in this on-demand webcast include:

  • Different methods for distinguishing between employees, contractors, service/application and shared accounts
  • Practical ways to connect an employee’s HR record to their AD user account(s)
  • The critical need for approvals and account owners, and ways to implement this efficiently
  • How to detect non-compliant accounts as soon as they are created
  • Effective ways to handle necessary exceptions
  • How to reduce how many people can create new accounts in AD
  • Improving consistency through “template” accounts and PowerShell scripts
  • How Dell Software products can automate or eliminate AD account management tasks