Webcast on Demand

New Best Practices in Active Directory Administration: Getting to a Single Solution that Manages Everything

Presenters: Greg Shields, Partner, Concentrated Technology; Todd Tobias, Product Manager, Dell

User accounts, Group Policy, sites and services, security auditing, even backup and recovery: Active Directory is a complex beast with a menagerie of disparate tools. No other mission-critical service in your datacenter requires so many task-oriented micro-tools to get the job done. AD shouldn’t either.   

 In this webcast, you’ll learn AD Administration best practices on:

  • Auditing changes to AD and Group Policy
  • Delegating permissions to users and groups
  • Creating and editing Group Policy Objects
  • Managing user accounts, sites and trusts
  • Recovering deleted users, groups, OU’s and other objects
  • Monitoring AD health

If you’re fed up with AD’s widespread toolset, join Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology and Todd Tobias of Dell as they discuss Active Directory’s new best practices. You’ll learn why replacing AD’s native tools with a single, unified solution that manages everything can make for a better, smoother operating – and more secure – Active Directory.