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Understanding the Security Boundaries and Risks of Multiple Domains, Forests and Trust Relationships

Presented by: Security expert Randy Franklin Smith and Dell director of IAM product strategy Jonathan Sander  

Watch as Randy explores domains, forests and trust relationships – and talks about how to strengthen your Active Directory (AD) security.

Get answers to critical questions such as:

  • Are domains really a security boundary?
  • Is it risky to create a trust relationship to external domains and forests?
  • How do cross-forest transitive trusts work?
  • How can security boundaries be established within a domain?
  • What groups work across domain boundaries?
  • How can a flaw in SID filtering threaten a domain’s security?
  • Why do most trust relationships fail?

Plus, Dell’s Jonathan Sander shows how ActiveRoles Server addresses many of the security problems discussed.

Get up-to-speed quickly on solving common AD security issues.