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Achieve the Five 9s of High Availability

You know that keeping business systems and applications up and running requires Oracle database high availability. And sure, high availability means different things to different organizations: some measure it by the response time in a given application; others continually sample transaction or network throughputs. 

Whatever the measure, the ultimate goal of a highly available environment is to maximize the time it’s accessible and operational. Because in today’s global 24x7 business environment, any IT system downtime incurs serious costs. 

In this educational session, Oracle replication expert Tom Chu shows you how to become a legendary DBA by attaining the five 9’s of availability in your environment. Tom reveals some pretty cool data replication techniques. With his advice, you’ll easily prevent problematic downtime.

You’ll learn simple methods to:
·         Leverage Oracle data replication to reduce or eliminate planned and unplanned system outages and control high system load 
·         Implement an effective data replication strategy that ensures system and application high availability 
·         And much more