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Keeping the Cloud in Sync with Your Active Directory

It’s ironic that after working so hard to integrate on-premises applications with Active Directory that you are now moving applications to the cloud and encountering the same identity access control issues all over again. Thankfully many cloud vendors have anticipated this need and offer connection technologies to link your Active Directory to common cloud-based applications. 

In this informative webcast, you will learn:

  • The common requirements for successfully integrating a cloud app with your Active Directory
  • Details regarding the connection technologies available from Google Apps, Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Answers to common questions regarding: synchronization vs. live authentication, automated account creation, leveraging existing AD groups, auditing and controlling approval, attestation and review
  • How Dell Software simplifies cloud synchronization with your Active Directory and helps you leverage more from your existing identity and access control procedures