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Managing the Challenges of R12: Strategies for Upgrades and Ongoing Change Management

Effectively managing the Oracle E-Business Suite can involve many people and prove to be very complex.  Whether you are embarking on a new implementation, upgrading to R12 or trying to effectively manage every day changes in your E-Business environment, the ability to version control objects, streamline migrations, and automate patch deployment – all while being able to keep a complete audit trail –  becomes critical as you go through different iterations of change.

This presentation discusses the importance change control and how it can help you safely and consistently manage you E-Business application – whether you are planning for an R12 upgrade, introducing new changes into your existing R12 environment, or trying to adhere to compliance and management requirements.  We explore different facets of change management such as the importance of:      

  • Version control and how it can protect customizations
  • Issue tracking and workflow to enforce approvals, role separation, and duties
  • A class-based security system designed to protect your application and administrative privileges
  • Object locking and reservations to manage staff during parallel development
  • Rollback capabilities to recover objects in case of a faulty deployment