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Moving from Group to Access Management

Presented by: Robert Bobel, Platform Director of Product Management, Quest Software

Jason Barnett, Partner and Information Security Practice Manager, Ingenuity Associates, LLC

Managing access to applications and data resources can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. IT administrators are often asked to grant access to sensitive data without knowing the business justification why a user should have it. The result may be inappropriate authorization, access delays, or groups that are bloated, outdated and inaccurate. This lack of accountability may cause security breaches and compliance audit failure. During this archived webcast, you'll see how ActiveRoles Server enables:

  • Access Accountability
  • Authorizing groups today using roles and attribute access control (ABAC) to resources
  • Authorizing groups in the future with emerging technologies
  • Moving from Group Management to Access Governance and the keys to success