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Product Demo: LiteSpeed for SQL Server

Industry-Leading Fast Compression Delivers Massive Storage and Time Savings

Live Product Demo: LiteSpeed® for SQL Server
This webcast was originally presented on Thursday, October 7, 2010
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Cost: FREE 

Implementing a SQL Server backup and restore strategy requires both a lot of storage and takes a lot of time for the DBA to properly implement. So where do you look when you need to reduce your storage requirements, minimize the time it takes to perform backups and restores, and reduce the time it takes to implement your backup and restore strategy?

You look to LiteSpeed for SQL Server. In this free, live demo, David Gugick,  Quest’s Director of Architecture and Design, will demonstrate some of the indispensable features of LiteSpeed 6.0, like our new Fast Compression smart backup technology, that you can use to: Reduce your storage footprint and backup times considerably over what you get today, reduce the time it takes to implement and manage a successful backup and restore strategy, and reduce the time it takes to recover lost objects and data.

Presenter: David Gugick, Director, Architecture & Design - Quest Software