White paper

10 Best Practices for Archiving

Sure, identity theft and data privacy get the headlines, but today's enterprise better have a strong e-mail and data retention policy in place.  Why? Compliance issues, litigation readiness - we're talking legal ramifications here.  No worries for you, though - you've created an effective and efficient e-mail archiving strategy without breaking a sweat.

When you read the Quest white paper, "10 Best Practices for Archiving," you'll understand why e-mail archiving isn't just a luxury - it's a necessity.  Then, you'll get the best practices you need to manage your e-mail and data for compliance and litigation.  Be prepared to get hoisted on your co-workers' shoulders and taken cubicle to cubicle as a hero.

A solid, dependable data and e-mail archiving strategy?

This paper was written by Stephen Foskett of Contoural, Inc.

Please also listen to the webcast on the 10 Best Practices for Archiving.