White paper

5 Ways Today's Backup & Restore Technologies Can Put Your Business on the Fast Track

To compete and lead in today’s 24x7x365 economy, enterprises need to maintain data center and database operations around-the-clock. Native database solutions often are not up to the task of delivering up-to-the minute backup and restore capabilities. These tools often are clunky and take excessive time to administer. Instead, many CIOs, IT and data managers have turned to specialized third-party solutions that offer rapid and effective backup and restore. Such products not only help database administrators automate repetitive, onerous and low-level tasks that still consume much of their time in backup and restore, but also save companies money and provide greater agility to decision makers who rely on right-time data. In this white paper, we’ll explain the 5 key benefits that a third-party solution will bring to the business: savings, speed, security, stability, and simplicity.