White paper

Best Practices for Exchange E-Discovery

by David Sengupta, MVP, Exchange Server 

Retaining and producing e-mail evidence can be very time consuming and expensive if not managed properly. Woe to the e-mail administrator tasked with ediscovery across a large, dynamic and ever-changing e-mail environment, where ediscovery can often turn into a “find-the-needle-in-the-haystack” exercise.

The stakes can be very large, the complexity can be high, the volumes of data can be enormous and the pressures imposed by the courts can make this a seemingly impossible task. Execution is typically further-complicated by the chasm in technology-awareness and language that usually exists between corporate IT and corporate legal counsel. Learn from Exchange MVP David Sengupta, as he demystifies the e-discovery process and walks you through both proactive and reactive best practices for electronic discovery for Exchange environments.

This paper is written by David Sengupta, Microsoft Exchange MVP, with a foreword by Paul Robichaux.  Mr. Robichaux is a Partner in 3Sharp LLC, an MCSE, and a Microsoft Exchange MVP. He is the author of several books, including The Exchange Server Cookbook (O'Reilly and Associates), and creator of the www.exchangefaq.org Web site.