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White paper

Change Management for the Oracle E-Business Suite

The integrity of Oracle E-Business Suite applications directly impacts the success (and ultimately, profitability) of an enterprise. To capitalize on any enterprise app, you must make changes to its underlying components and architecture to implement new business processes, adopt new regulations and apply patches to correct defects. To enact change without disrupting business, you need a methodology based on proven principles.

Download this white paper by Dave Fisher, Senior Oracle Applications Architect, to learn about a quality-based approach to defining a systematic change management process. This paper focuses on process management for patching using Quest Stat® ACM for Oracle E-Business Suite.

White Paper Contents

  1. Change Management Process
    • Control
    • Versioning
    • Audit
    • Automation
    • Planning
    • Reporting
    • Communication
  2. Stat ACM for Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Issue Tracking
    • Workflow
    • Versioning
    • Patch Processing
    • User Security
    • Business Rules—Notifications
    • Reporting