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White paper

Data Protection: Evaluating Business Requirements and Classifying Your Data

This paper discusses an approach to evaluating data at a business level, and implementing a data protection strategy that safeguards your organization based on the value of its data. Protecting your company’s data and applications means much more than just running a simple backup routine. It is about protecting your business assets throughout their lifecycle – in terms of preservation, recoverability and availability. A sound data protection approach can help your company adapt more rapidly to changing and increasing opportunities. 

Implementing an effective data protection strategy begins with evaluating the value of your company’s data and then determining the proper set of business requirements for protecting it. Data that is mission-critical to your business requires a more robust data protection solution, and requires more frequent protection. This is a sound approach no matter how much data you have. By first thinking about your business and the value of the data it relies on can you begin to define the requirements of an effective data protection solution in terms of application and data availability – as well as your IT budget.