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White paper

DCIG Analyst Report: Best Practices for Protecting Oracle Databases

The era of converged infrastructures is here and, with it, organizations are experiencing all of the benefits that this technology has to offer, including simplified procurement processes and shorter deployment times. However, drawbacks persist. Consolidation of hardware and software also leads organizations to merge their separate IT teams into a few or even just one team. As that occurs, few if any organizations have best practices or tools in place to ensure that the individuals on these new, smaller teams can successfully work together and back each other up on their respective tasks.

This lack of best practices and tools becomes particularly problematic when it comes to managing, protecting and recovering Oracle databases. Here one misstep in their management, protection or recovery can have major ramifications as a mistake can start a chain reaction that affects applications and data both inside of an organization and out.

In this report, the analyst firm DCIG outlines the five specific best practices that every organization should put in place to equip their consolidated IT teams to protect their Oracle databases.