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White paper

Integrated Document Management for a Mobile Workforce: How Scanner Virtualization Frees Technology to Follow Users

The IT industry is at a crossroads; indeed the very nature of computing itself is changing. Interacting with technology is no longer a fixed activity. Users today expect technology to follow them, and not the other way around.

This shift toward a more mobile workforce creates new challenges for IT practitioners. Desktops as primary computing devices are making way for other form factors like tablets and mobile phones. Ownership of these devices is changing too. No longer can IT retain sole authority over devices and their configurations. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires embracing a new kind of shared responsibility.

And yet all this technological egalitarianism doesn’t change IT’s primary mission: protecting and facilitating organizational data. Our devices may have shifted to the edge, but our documents are no less sacrosanct. Mobile users today demand mobile document management.

We solved this mobility concern with printing a generation ago. Today, any printer on your network can trivially become a document output device. But printing is only half the story. Also needed is universal image acquisition, a kind of device virtualization—or, in plainer terms, the ability to scan any document, anywhere, to any device.