Desktop Virtualization: Concept Becomes Reality with Quest

As CIOs and senior IT management turn their focus to desktop virtualization, they are looking for new ways to enhance their desktop strategy with simultaneous benefits to the end-user and IT operations.

In addition to timely and insightful Desktop Virtualization market research, this white paper, written by Mark Bowker, ESG Senior Analyst, discusses how Quest’s vWorkspace platform:

  • Reduces capital and operating costs as well as management overhead
  • Automates IT tasks
  • Reduces the risks of both compliance failure and productivity-affecting downtime
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Provides to users a seamless, fully functional experience

Bowker says, "Quest has concentrated its efforts on target with top business priorities. vWorkspace can scale to deliver desktop virtualization benefits to a broad set of end-users while maintaining control and delivering user flexibility; organizations that decide to start small can scale their implementations easily and effectively while keeping costs down.

vWorkspace can scale not only in the number of users, but in numbers and types of deployments for added flexibility. This gives organizations a choice of products and deployments today and in the future; organizations can match their deployments with a long-term strategy for desktops while leveraging prior investments and can meet end-user requirements without compromising their experience."