IAM for the Real World: Mobility

The explosion of mobility may seem like the greatest thing to come along since the PC for users, but for IT departments, auditors, security watchdogs, and budget hawks, it’s far from “great.” Mobility raises a number of worrisome questions.

  • How do you control access to valuable assets without knowing the device being used?
  • How can you ensure that access is governed and managed when it could be coming from anywhere, any time?
  • And how are you supposed to pay for even more infrastructure, more security solutions and new and different ways to audit and monitor access?
  • What’s the best strategy in dealing with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) issues?

Mobility is fraught with questions like these, and the many challenges associated with them. Read this e-book to gain the valuable insight you need today to address and solve the many challenges of mobility.