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White paper

The Tolly Group Releases the Results of Its vRanger Study – Get the Report Today!

We’ve always known that vRanger provides powerful backup, restore, and replication capabilities. And now a new study by a third-party research organization, The Tolly Group, confirms it. Download the free report today to check out all the impressive results.

The study shows that vRanger out performs the competition:

  • Native threaded support simultaneously runs different jobs on separate cores
  • Speeds recovery with native cataloguing support with one-click indexing and simple and easy file-level restore capabilities
  • Is flexible: works as a physical or virtual appliance according need
  • Compresses using Active Block Mapping and Changed Block Tracking reducing the impact of backups on the LAN/SAN

Visit our product page to learn more about vRanger’s simple, fast, and scalable backup, recovery, and replication. You can also download a free, 30-day trial to see for yourself why more than 40,000 customers have made vRanger the #1 virtual backup and recovery solution. You’ll see evidence of vRanger’s lightning-fast speed in a variety of operations, including VM replication, LAN-free backup and restore, and Hot Add backup and restore.