White paper

The Top Five Database Benchmarking Questions

In this white paper, database expert and author Bert Scalzo addresses the top-five database benchmarking questions most frequently asked of him.

Gaining the best performance from your database applications is critical to the productivity of your IT infrastructure. A key component in achieving this is to validate the scalability of your database systems using benchmarking that is focused on the database.

This white paper answers the following quesions:

  1. Does Linux or Windows yield better benchmarking results?
  2. How many bits are best, 32 or 64?
  3. Which database platform provides the best performance benchmark? – Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005 or MySQL 5.0
  4. How do I determine the maximum concurrent OLTP users a server can sustain?
  5. How do I determine the maximum size data warehouse a server can sustain?