White paper

User Provisioning: Getting The Most Bang for the IT Buck

After reading this white paper,  you will find that by addressing provisioning, you essentially “kill multiple birds with one stone” hence the title: Getting the Most Bang for Your IT Buck.

Creating, updating and terminating user accounts (user lifecycle management) in a timely and consistent manner is an incredible challenge for today’s global organizations. Every time an employee is hired, terminated or simply changes departments, there are a multitude of security tasks that must be performed, for example:

  • Creating, terminating or updating accounts
  • Creating, reassigning or deactivating mailboxes
  • Generating SMTP aliases
  • Updating distribution list memberships
  • Updating directory information
  • Changing, granting or revoking access to applications, file shares, printers, etc.

Finding an IT issue with more avenues of return than provisioning will be difficult. Provisioning has a major role in regulatory compliance, identity management, process management, IT efficiency and user productivity.

Jackson Shaw joined Quest Software with its acquisition of Vintela. Shaw oversees product direction, strategy and go-to-market activities for Quest’s Active Directory solutions. Prior to Vintela, Shaw was a key member of the Identity and Access Management marketing team for the Windows Server Marketing group at Microsoft Corp. He was responsible for product planning and marketing for Microsoft's identity and access management products, including Active Directory and Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003.