• 3 Jul 2017

    Meet Our Experts! The Voices behind @QuestExperts: Andre Cooley

    We are lucky enough to work with a number of extremely talented and passionate people. Some of our coworkers have been here for a number of years and have some great stories to tell. We wanted to use this interview as an introduction to one such individual – Andre Cooley. Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Andre Cooley and I am a Senior Technical Support Advisor for the NetVault Product Family...
    • 18 Oct 2016

    Privilege Manager for Windows 4.0 has been released! Say hello to Blacklisting..

    Privilege Manager's application whitelisting abilities has finally met its match, and it's called Blacklisting... What’s New in Privilege Manager for Windows 4.0? Blacklist Feature Privilege Manager now supports the blacklisting of applications, giving admins the ability to block applications for users even when their standard domain user permissions would allow access by default. Performance...
    • 17 Oct 2016

    Toad™ Intelligence Central 3.2 released, Manually execute Automation Apps

    Within Toad for Oracle, you can now manually execute Automation Apps within the Toad Intelligence Central Web interface. In addition, the Toad Intelligence Central Web interface now includes a Team Coding page that displays the status of team coding objects. Another enhancement is the Code Quality page. This page provides a powerful efficient single view, information from Code Analysis, Code Tester, and Team Coding...
    • 7 Oct 2016

    Performance Monitoring From Spotlight Cloud

    The Spotlight Cloud services allow the users the capability to monitor their servers both on the web and on a mobile device. It also analyzes the server’s performance metrics and provides a ‘health’ check on the server. Additionally, it evaluates the server’s capacity and provides more detailed insight into its performance. Furthermore, the users can compare and contrast their experience to other...
    • 6 Oct 2016

    I Have Trust-Issues with my SQL Server Backups

    Early in my career, I worked in systems support. Part of my responsibilities included ensuring server backups were running properly. However, the organization had not formalized a process around actually testing those backups. I was new to the world of IT and I didn’t think anything about testing backups. “Ignorance is bliss”, as they say. Until it isn’t. As luck would have it, we were troubleshooting...
    • 5 Oct 2016

    What’s new in Foglight for Oracle

    The latest release of the Foglight for Oracle cartridge brings a new dashboard, customer enhancements and various fixes. There is a new overview dashboard: It is easier to read with an improved layout. I like the way the various areas are summarized together, such as storage, infrastructure, workload and alarms. If you like to create your own dashboards you should make yourself familiar with the out of the boxes...
    • 1 Oct 2016

    What's New in Stat v.5.8.1

    You will see that our quest for a fully web-enabled client is full steam ahead! We just released Stat 5.8.1 . This is a maintenance release that previews some cool new features and fine tuning of the infrastructure that will...
    • 13 Sep 2016

    Did you know? NetVault Backup and Amazon Cloud have a thing.

    Did you know that since 2015 NetVault Backup 10.x and up has support for the AWS Storage Gateway - Virtual Tape Library (VTL). This means you can backup and index directly to the Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storage using Gateway-VTL with NetVault. T...
    • 6 Sep 2016

    What's New in Archive Manager v.5.3?

    Find out what's new in Archive Manager v.5.3
    • 31 Aug 2016

    Premier Support helps save time and money

    As they say in business, time is money! Choosing the right things to spend your time on is more important than ever when running a successful business with so many things to do and less time to do them. Not only are there never enough hours in the day to get everything done, you also have to spend time managing your IT solutions. Worrying about how to avoid costly downtime or how to recover quickly from an outage, can...
    • 22 Aug 2016

    Check out what’s new in NetVault Backup 11.1

    NetVault Backup 11.1 is now available. The latest release is focused squarely on two of NetVault’s main tenets: ease of use and scalability. A new installer, along with updates to the user interface, user-level access (ULA) and other functionality make NetVault 11.1 even easier to use, while increased scalability has been added to the NetVault Backup plug-in for Hyper-V, which can now protect up to 1,000 virtual...
    • 22 Aug 2016

    Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.13

    Next Monday we launch Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.13 , now supporting Exchange 2016 as a target. As many of you know, Migration Manager for Active Directory is a fan favorite, ensuring ZeroIMPACT to your organization to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your Active Directory (AD). Our solution simplifies your migration and ensures that your users maintain secure access to workstations...
    • 9 Aug 2016

    What’s new in Foglight

    Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the Foglight quarterly maintenance release! That’s right, Foglight was released on July 14 with a focus on customer-raised bugs, general quality of work, Foglight Management Server performance and ease of management. Key updates or changes delivered in this release include the following: Last Submission Time. To help customers validate that their agents...
    • 5 Aug 2016

    What’s New in Enterprise Reporter 2.6

    Enterprise Reporter provides a unified solution for data discovery and report generation. Using the Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager , administrators can easily configure and deploy discoveries to collect and store data. Once the data has been collected, the Report Manager allows users to produce reports that help organizations to ensure that they comply with industry regulations and standards, adhere to internal...
    • 3 Aug 2016

    What’s New for Desktop Authority: June-July 2016

    Updated monthly, this publication provides you with new and recently revised information and is organized in the following categories; Documentation, Notifications, Patches, Product Life Cycle, Release, Knowledge Base Articles. Subscribe Use IE only New Knowledgebase Articles 208444 - Continually rebooting after upgrading to Windows 10 208082 - Prevent Windows from Automatically Assigning a Drive Letter Prevents...
    • 2 Aug 2016

    Change Auditor now supports Client Certificate Authentication

    Change Auditor now supports Client Certificate Authentication. This is a welcome feature for administrator who prefer a more secure method of Authenticating users connecting with the web client. Introducing Client Certificate Authentication in the client server SSL handshake, allows the server to validate the client in addition to the client validating the server. For Client Certificate Authentication to work correctly...
    • 29 Jul 2016

    Licensing Models

    Licensing Models Existing licensing models are too complex. The trend towards service based models such as database as a service (DaaS) with commercial offerings such as AWS RDS add the additional measure of time where it is no longer owned but can be turned off and on with the ability to scale up or down on demand. With more technologies in place today than ever before, there are greater varieties of models than ever...
    • 28 Jul 2016

    Windows 10 Anniversary

    What's stopping you from upgrading to Windows 10? Find out about what you should know first.
    • 22 Jul 2016

    SharePlex 9.0 – Exciting release with increased value

    SharePlex 9.0 is the most exciting and feature rich release of SharePlex I’ve ever been a part of. Our frenemies over at Oracle with GoldenGate have been working to create fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about the future of SharePlex by telling customers SharePlex is going away. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We've invested heavily in expanding SharePlex. We’ve more than doubled the...
    • 18 Jul 2016

    Toad Intelligence Central 3.0 – What’s New

    Toad Intelligence Central 3.0 –Sharing with Toad apps and Reporting New in This Release This release of Toad Intelligence Central includes the following new features and enhancements. See It In Action! Download A Free Trial of Toad...
    • 12 Jul 2016

    Toad Data Modeler 6.0 - What a Thing of Beauty

    Toad™ Data Modeler 6.0 is a major release with new features and functionality. Toad™ Data Modeler has always enabled its users to reverse engineer database structures, update models, design and generate SQL, compare models along w...
    • 24 Jun 2016

    Toad for Oracle 12.9 Is Now Available

    Toad for Oracle 12.9 is now available. The new release focuses on Integration between: Toad for Oracle and Toad Intelligence Center Toad for Oracle and Code Tester for Oracle. In addition, further enhancements in the areas of Team
    • 21 Jun 2016

    Discover Why Microsoft Awarded Quest "2016 Messaging Partner of the Year Finalist"

    Hi there, Quest fans! Let me open this blog by saying we’re absolutely thrilled that Microsoft named Quest a 2016 Messaging Partner of the Year Finalist for our ZeroIMPACT Migration solutions . It really is a tremendous honor to
    • 9 Jun 2016

    What's New in Toad for SQL Server 6.7?

    Toad for SQL Server 6.7 now offers its users these following enhancements and new features! Memory Optimized Table For connections to SQL Server 2014 and later you can now select Table type MemoryOptimizedTable
    • 2 Jun 2016

    Improve Backup Performance by 56 percent — I'm Not Kidding

    If only you had more time, right? You’d finally start developing that custom app your boss keeps asking you about. Or maybe you’d just get to take a real vacation. But because of the exponential increase in data at your organization, more