Coming soon… A new Quest

Thank you for taking a minute to read this short post. I know your time is valuable, so if you want to skip the text and just watch the video, go for it. 

Still reading? Cool.

As you should know by now, Francisco Partners and Elliott Management have announced an intent to acquire the Quest Group.  In the coming months, we’ll be starting a new chapter and launching a new company known as Quest.

Our plan is to build on an exceptional history and create an even stronger community of customers, partners, and employees that accomplish more together. 

Our simple goal: more innovation.  More innovation from us, so you can spend less time administering your increasingly complex technology landscape.  And, more innovation by you and your organization, so you can achieve what’s most important.  We will innovate … so you can.

There's not much more we can say about it at this point, but we promise to keep you updated as news develops.  We are very much looking forward to supporting you, your organization, and our community of customers, partners, and employees through this transition and into the future.  

Watch the video to learn a little more about what’s coming next. Think of it as an early movie trailer :)




Darin Bartik

VP of Marketing

Systems & Information Management



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Darin Bartik
Simple ideas are often great. Executed ideas are always the best when the simplicity is preserved. I have the pleasure of leading our WW marketing organization so I am always trying to live up to this...
  • Quest?  Awesome?  Someone is easily impressed. :)

    Real innovation, yes, we are waiting, waiting, waiting...

  • Weren't they call "Quest" before Dell acquired them?

  •  – You are correct, we used to be called Quest Software. Going forward, we will simply known as Quest and we will have a new logo and some other fun stuff. More importantly, we do have a different portfolio of products now than we did back then, having added to our family Rapid Recovery (formerly AppAssure) as our flagship data protection offering and KACE as our endpoint systems management offering.  

    The reasons I think this new Quest is exciting and different than the old Quest:  

    • We’re applying more of our focus towards Cloud/SaaS offerings. Initial releases are coming very soon.
    • We’ve put a very strong, customer-centric leadership team in place.
    • We will be engaging with our WW customers consistently, through our communities, forums and blogs, including blog posts written by our new company leaders.
    • We will be sharing more product roadmap information in public than you’ve seen in the past.

    I can tell you that there will be 2 things we won’t change about the old Quest;  We were known for great products and we still make great products.  And we have always had great customer and technical support and we still do.

    I’m really excited about this upcoming chapter in our journey and I’m positive you’ll want to stick around for it. Stay tuned everyone.

  • – I see you want real innovation from us and  that you’ve been waiting for this to happen for some time.  We want the same thing and we will make you into a believer.  There is a lot of exciting product nearly ready for release.  

    Talk with us about your IT challenges and what you need from our products, and let us prove it to you! We'd love to hear your thoughts.