Privilege Manager for Windows 4.0 has been released! Say hello to Blacklisting..

Privilege Manager's application whitelisting abilities has finally met its match, and it's called Blacklisting...

What’s New in Privilege Manager for Windows 4.0?

Blacklist Feature

  • Privilege Manager now supports the blacklisting of applications, giving admins the ability to block applications for users even when their standard domain user permissions would allow access by default.

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • We continue to work closely with our customers and have found and fixed numerous intermittent bugs, performance bottlenecks, and stability issues.

Security Enhancements

  • Improved security through the updating of security related components and signed certificates.

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  • Is there truly a "whitelisting" capability in Privilege Manager?  Elevating every known application to run with administrative credentials is not really the answer.  As we all know, not all applications will function correctly if launching as "Administrator" accounts.  Blacklisting only allows you to block known applications from running, not the random unknowns.  If you have a technique for "whitelisting" in Privilege Manager, please share, as there is no formal documentation from Quest on this process.