Track vCenter Change Events with Foglight

Change Analyzer has a really awesome feature called Change History.  The Change History View displays all of the vCenter change events that occurred to VMs, hosts, clusters, datastores, and resource pools within a selected environment, during a selected timeframe.


Change History View -




In the example below, I'm filtering on all Change Events by 'SATURN\mikem'





Filter and Export -

 In the example below, I'm filtering on all Change Events by 'eduardk' and creating a quick export of the filtered changes.



Foglight does provide a Out-Of-The-Box report specifically for Change Events called 'Change History'.  You can setup this report to run on a scheduled basis and automatically email to one or many recipients.


Use the Time Range selector to go back-in-time to view past Change Events.

By default, Foglight retains Change Events for 13-months (the default retention policy can be modified).





List of Change Events captured and presented by Foglight




For more information, visit our Foglight for Virtualization product page.

About the Author
Corey Rivers is a Virtualization Systems Consultant for Quest, specializing in Infrastructure Performance Monitoring.