In a 2017 survey, we asked our customers what database technologies power their most important applications — you know, the biggies: finance, CRM, HR and so forth. It’s no surprise that Oracle and SQL Server were the top two. What’s telling, in a survey of over 250 unique organizations, is that 70 percent of the time, it’s Oracle and SQL Server databases that power their most critical applications — not one or the other. In fact, the days of pure Oracle or Microsoft shops are long gone.

We also asked our customers what database technologies they are evaluating this year and what their challenges are for implementing these new technology stacks. MySQL and Postgres (in Amazon EC2, RDS) were the top two databases in evaluation. And the biggest challenges? Companies are concerned about downtime during migrations and about application availability before and after — how a migration and all the potential associated outages could impact current business processes.

The way we see things at Quest, our customers’ success is our success; our customers’ challenges provide us with a to-do list; and our customers’ business initiatives give us direction for our own technology development. The Quest® SharePlex® database replication solution has provided battle-tested Oracle database replication for more than a decade now, and as our customer needs have evolved, so have we.

Here’s how that evolution plays out in this latest SharePlex release — and what that means for you:

The SharePlex solution now supports SQL Server as a source with target support to Oracle or SQL Server on premises or Amazon EC2 or Azure. Whether you are upgrading, migrating or scaling your SQL Server environment, the SharePlex solution ensures business continuity through real-time database replication and near-zero impact to those critical, day-to-day apps. (Finance can breathe a sigh of relief.)

If you’re evaluating MySQL/Aurora DB or Postgres (EDB Postgres, Fujitsu or community edition), you can stress less about database downtime in general. The SharePlex database replication solution mitigates risk in Oracle-Postgres or MySQL migration projects so you can explore open-source options, with no outages to mission-critical databases. Version 9.0 of the SharePlex solution expands support to this open-source journey through certification of MySQL/Aurora DB as a destination for data from Oracle databases.

In addition, the SharePlex solution now supports dual compatible IPv4/6 networks to power your Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. Plus, Oracle 12CR2 certification as a source or destination allows you to make the most of your database investment. With this new release, data from Oracle databases can be replicated to the Kafka messaging system in JSON format for easier ingestion into downstream applications. It’s like yoga for databases — you’ll have a lot more flexibility and performance to explore the emerging technologies that propel your business goals forward.

And this is just the tip of the database iceberg. With many more valuable features packed into a platform-agnostic, enterprise-ready, heterogeneous solution, SharePlex is the golden alternative to database replication. No matter where your data is traveling from or where it’s going, you’ll get all-the-time uptime across critical databases.

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