Are you following the Best Practice recommendations for SQL Server Database Backups? If the answer to this question isn't "yes, without any doubt" then we need to act! 
For example, we need to be absolutely sure that the backups we are doing can be properly restored and we must verify that we can restore them with all the options and conditions we need to use during a planned or a real disaster recovery scenario.
Ei! We all know Murphy's laws will be there when we have a problem, but let's beat them or at least make the work difficult for them!

How can LiteSpeed help us with that?
With automated restore! We saw this option in our latest post . There we were refreshing a test environment but this is not the only thing we can do with this feature.
We can also use this option to create a job that restores every Sunday our latest backup and then removes it. We do not need to keep the database...we just want to know that it can be properly restored. If there is any problem we will get notified and we can fix it. We don't want to realize something is wrong with our restore the day we have a real problem, we will have already enough problems by then!

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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