Let’s face it – the jobs of database developers and administrators have grown more hectic and complex as the demands from the business have increased. These demands include new functionality, schema changes and scripting – all within an accelerated timeframe to meet customer demands. Without proper change control management, the production environment can easily suffer from overwritten or conflicting code, lost data, security lapses or worse.

A change management tool is essential for a smoothly running database system. At its core, change control software should make everyone’s job easier by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes while at the same time enforcing good governance policies and best practices. If a system is a burden to use, people will find a way around it or simply resent it for getting in their way.

Today’s enterprises are managing database changes with tools that include features for:

  • Granular role-based permissions – Administrators must be able to limit user access to prevent unauthorized changes to production environments and enforce proper review and testing procedures.
  • Version control and rollback – A robust version control tool snapshots all changes to the database and allows easier comparison of environments to detect any anomalies. The ability to rollback to any point in time (not just the most recent version) provides additional flexibility when reversing unwanted changes.
  • Automated workflows – Repetitive tasks must be managed by automated processes, for time saving, consistency and to free skilled staff from mundane and error-prone activities. Automation makes it easy to deploy patches and migrations by scheduling them to occur off-hours.

These features and more ensure that organizations follow good governance practices and can stand up to any compliance audits. A change control tool helps safeguard database integrity by promoting consistency and formalizing best practices across the DevOps team.

How does your change control system stack up?

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