We all know the story of the Titanic and its sinking. Everyone thought it was unsinkable and with that mindset, there were never any thoughts on making sure there were enough life boats. Even after it hit the iceberg, many of the passengers refused to believe that is was actually going to sink until it was too late.

Don’t be like the designers who designed Titanic. It had the very best of everything, but this lead to a false sense invulnerability by the designers, the crew and the passengers. When it was built, the designers had thought they had covered every possible situation that the Titanic would run into. It had water tight compartments in case of a hull breech, the wireless radio system was the best on any ship at that time and there were over 3500 life vests. Yet none of this prevented Titanic from sinking with such a large loss of life. The problem was that the Titanic was sunk not just from one factor but a combination of factors all happening at once that doomed the Ship.

Today’s IT environments are large complex structures just like the Titanic. This can lead you to the same feelings that nothing can ever go wrong. It can and it will. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will happen! When it does happen it can cost tens of thousands of dollars for each hour down. In some cases like telecommunications and e-commerce it can be even more, touching into the hundreds of thousands for every hour. Are you prepared for the day?

With SharePlex you will be. SharePlex is data replication at its best. Out of the box there are nine use cases that can be combined in many different ways that include integration, scalability and most importantly availability. Imagine if the Titanic had her sister ship Olympic sailing behind her ready and available at a moment’s notice to take on all the passengers when it started to sink. SharePlex gives you that High Availability.


How does it work?

When using SharePlex for High Availability you have both your production database and your HA/DR database. Both the databases are up and running at the same time. You set SharePlex up so that it is replicating changed data from the production to the HA database in near real time. This means that as data and changes are occurring in production they are replicating to your HA database. The HA database is kept in synchronization with the production at all times so that when, not if, there is a production outage all you need to do is move your user connections from the production to the HA database. With the technology today, this can be done sometimes in under a minute. Your users will never know they are running on the HA database. With SharePlex you also have the ability of storing all the transactions that are now happening on your HA database so that when you bring the production database back online you can replicate all those transactions back to the production database and bring it back in sync with the HA database. Then when ready, just move your users back to production. Once again more than likely they will never know they are back on production. SharePlex gives you the confidence and security knowing that when the inevitable outage does happen, you are not going to go down like the Titanic

When using SharePlex in this manner, you also can expand this further. Since the HA database is open and usable you can run reports off it freeing up resources on your production database that could be used up by an analyst running a multi hour report. Or go even farther and use the HA database to run your backups from again freeing resources on the production. The more you do to keep your production database running at its peak the happier you can keep your customers and that equates to money saved and created. You can also use your High Availability setup to meet Audit requirements. This was done at a large Financial institution to meet regulatory requirements dictating that they show their HA site was usable. Every quarter they would flip flop the roles of their production and HA database. The HA database would become production and the production would become the HA database. The switch would be planned for a Friday afternoon and would only take a few minutes to complete. The Auditors were very impressed in the proactive way this was being done. Once again keep the auditors happy and everyone stays happy.

So bottom line, Don’t end up like the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean because no one ever prepared for the unforeseen disaster.

SharePlex was designed to be easy to install, setup and maintained. So much so that we have many customers tell us they were able to get SharePlex installed and replicating in minutes. For more information on SharePlex, visit our SharePlex Page at SharePlex.com where you will find white papers, videos and a wealth of information on why you need to have SharePlex in your environment.

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