• Can data be deleted from the Shared Data Location?

    My Shared Data Location folder has reached its limit and needs to be purged. What can be deleted from that folder without affecting the product or discovered data?

  • Report on a user account for all groups (memberof) including nested groups and the description



    I need a report creating on a single user account. I need to extract all of the groups (memberof) which includes all nested groups and the contents that are in the "description" attribute of each group. Then display this into an excel spreadsheet…

  • Domain Groups Without Members With Last Modified Date


    I expanded the Last modified date attribute within Enterprise Reporter, did a collection.. and then went to expand the Domain Groups without Members report to see if I could add that Attribute and it wasn't available.

    is there any way that…

  • Need User Information Report which includes Modified and PasswordNotRequired Fields

    Our Auditors are requesting a User report which contains two fields that I have been unable to find a report for - "Modified" and "PasswordNotRequired". 

  • Our Enterprise Reporter Custom Reports Forum Has Moved!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Enterprise Reporter Custom Reports Community Forum! You can post requests for custom reports, post your own custom reports, or help others create their custom reports as part of an active discussion…