HP EVA Custom Script Agent

I hope this can help someone. I'm by no means a programmer, however I created this agent using Powershell to help me watch my HP EVA storage arrays via Foglight.

Install it on the CommandView Server via the Foglight Agent Manager deployment method. I have it hardcoded to dump out the information from evaperf to a folder called evamon located at this path within the script --> C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor\evamon\

But it can be changed fairly easy inside the script.

Hope you can make use of it. I keep making some changes, so any new updates, I'll post back. This is version 3

Needs Powershell v1.0

The script is pretty childlike, so hopefully any newbie starting with this can use my experience to understand and use this as a jump point to create your own scripts.


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