Migration merging to the wrong account - serious problem


     We have had multiple migrations. Here is what happened. We have 2 different users in separate domains with the same samaccountname

sfuller - simon fuller - domain A

sfuller - steven fuller - domain B - we changed the samaccountname to sfuller1 before migrating

Simon Fuller (sfuller) was migrated from domain A to domain C.

Steven Fuller (sfuller1) was migrated from domain B to domain C.

The problem is that it merged Steven Fuller from domain B into the existing Simon Fuller in domain C, that was previously migrated from domain A.

Originally when I tried to migrate it gave an error saying "matching rule found an existing object"

So, I changed the custom attribute from 14  and 15 to 11 and 12. This let me migrate the user object. But, it merged them.

Even though we changed the samaccountname it still merged the accounts. This caused a problem with Simon Fuller's mailbox. He now cannot log into Concur.

We have this fixed for the most part, but we have a few more users that have duplicate samaccountnames. Since we changed the samaccountname, how does

Quest match this. If I leave the default attributes to 14 and 15, it won't let me migrate the user at all. But when I change them it merges the accounts.

What does Quest look for when merging existing accounts?

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