• Migration of mailboxes from On-premise exchange organization to Office 365


    I am planning to migrate mailboxes from on-premise exchange environment to Office 365 (Cloud). While going through the documents for Migration Manager for Exchange, I was lil bit confused as I'm not familiar with this product.

    Not sure to follow…

  • Reconfigure mailboxes collection

    I have created mailbox collection sync the source database to the target database.

    unfortunately the target database storage is not extendable and sizing was not correct.

    I need to reconfigure or move some mailboxes from this collection to anew collection…

  • Change Mage Log File location

    Needing to change the location for the Mage Native Move logs.  I've found this article (How do I change the location of the MAGE log files? (179353) (quest.com)) But it is from 2017 and the highest version shows 8.14.  Also, it is stating to use a m…

  • System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding

    I'm getting this error whenever i started sync of an mailbox ., It happen only for particular mailbox which stopping other sync when i start this one mailbox sync .

    I suspect some operation initiated by this mailbox hang the sql server and stopping…

  • SOLUTION - O365 Public Folder Migration using Mage Powershell will not sync mailNickname missing

    *************NOTE: This is from my own experience and editing the SQL Database is done at your own RIsk, Quest Support may know of a better solution.**********


    • Migrate Public Folders to O365 Using MMEX PowerShell (8.14 + Hotfix latest Oct…
  • Email for Migrated Users "switching" back

    We are going through a domain transformation which includes a email migration from a Exchange 2010 on premise setup into Office 365 using MMEX and a tenant to tenant migration using ODME.  The tenant to tenant migrations are going well but we are having…

  • MailTips during migration

    During the coexistence period of a migration, MailTips will warn users that "Some members of <distribution list> are outside of your organization" when sending to a distribution list that has some users in the source exchange org and others in the target…

  • The message exceeds the maximum supported size., Cannot save changes made to an item to store.

    Hello all-

    We are seeing some rather strange errors performing a mail sync for our pilot group.

    "The message exceeds the maximum supported size., Cannot save changes made to an item to store." is showing up quite frequently for some users. We've increased…

  • EPW, ADPW and and Exchange Resource Forest

    Hello all-
    I'm needing some clarification here regarding these utilities and when to run them.
    I've consulted the documentation and read this KB article:

  • Exchange to Exchange-Migration with Archive-Mailboxes and PublicFolder


    I'm sorry, but was not able to find the answer in your forum / white-papers:

    Is it possible to migrate Mailboxes and Archive-Mailboxes (In-Place Archive) from one Exchange-Organisation (Exchange 2010) to an other Exchange Organisation (Exchange…

  • extremely slow public folder migration to O365

    We are using MM for EX to migrate Public Folders from EX2010 to our O365 tenant. We are experiencing extremely slow transfer times when uploading them into the O365 cloud. MM generates thousands of smaller PST files and we have quite a backlog of these…

  • Client Profile Updating Utility v8.7.9 configuration to skip processing Public FoldersCPUSS

    I there a setting to prevent the CPUU from processing Public Folders?   I am working with a client doing an Exch 2010 to Exch 2010 migration and are not migrating Public Folders.   When CPUU runs it does process PFs and takes by far the most time to complete…

  • Generic Item Processing Error

    Hello All-

    I've got a source Exchange 2013 Exchange and using the MAGE agents, migrating to Office 365 as the target.

    I'm seeing a large number of "Generic Item Processing Error" errors on many users.

    I found this post in the support…

  • Public Folder administrator mailboxes

    Hi there,

    I am looking at doing some public folder migrations from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013. As a pre-requisite, I need to create Administrator mailboxes. How do I go about doing this? Is it just an account with a mailbox? what permissions does this…

  • QMMEX - New project or existing one?

    Hi there, We already have a QMMAD installation which has ADLDS installed and configured to perform AD migrations.

    When I install QMMEX, do I choose the existing project created by QMMAD installation or create a new one just for Exchange Migrations?


  • Calendar sync job failing on connection to Provisioning Web Service o365


    This is my first post so hi everyone, I'm going to go straight in with an issue, has anyone experienced the following error:

    Error Quest.MigrationManager.Exchange.O365UserProvisioning.O365ConnectionException: Failed to connect to Provisioning Web…

  • QMM for O365 merge existing on-prem mbx with source mbx in O365

    merging source mbx with target mbx in O365

  • Can't search after migration

    MMEX 8.13 CPUU 5.6.2 716
    Source and target Exchange 2010 SP3

    The CPUU runs without error, but we're having a lot of users that can no longer search their mailbox. Sometimes re-indexing fixes it, other times it doesn't and a new profile has to be created…

  • Best way for a proper sizing in different environments

    What´s the best way for the different sizing for small, medium and large environments? How many agents are recommended for each szenario and can be consolidated on a single Windows System?

  • Welcome to the New Migration Manager for Exchange Community Forum

    You're at the new Migration Manager for Exchange Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here! And if you have a question on the old site that we haven't answered, post it again here. We’re working on bringing threads…

  • How-to video: Considerations When Synchronizing Calendars with Migration Manager for Exchange

    In this step-by-step video, our expert shows you how to synchronize your calendars using Migration Manager for Exchange. If you love and use this product (and we hope you do), remember to check out support portal for the latest videos and tutorials.