i have been using netvault for about 2 years now and here is my experince.

Also been using NetVault in our environment for about 2 years now, and I was the person who implemented it. Overall was pretty simple, although we haven't upgraded to v10 yet.

Installs are pretty easy. Depending if you are using NDMP with a tape library directly attached to storage, you can run into some tricky problems, but backup speed an restore speed in this situation is very fast. pcpartpicker

It certainly has it's quirks, but overall not hard to figure out if you have worked with other backup software. Installs are basically server/client, using the same install files, just depending on settings. nba reddit

Our team did the installs manually, but if you have a large environment, there are ways to push the clients out to the environment. Don't be afraid to ask support if you have implementation questions, dell's solutions teams are pretty good at coming up with options for you. reverse phone lookup