• AWS VTL Tape Library showing OFFLINE after restarting NetVault Server

    Hi Everyone,

    I added AWS VTL to my NetVault Backup two weeks ago. 

    I am working on to set up backup jobs to AWS VTL. 

    Today, I have restarted my NetVault Backup to install Windows updates. After restart, AWS Tape Library is showing OFFLINE.

    I tried to make…

  • Can I REUSE available FREE space of AWS VTL Tape for my next backup job

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently setup VTL in AWS and created 2 tapes each with 300 GB of capacity.

    I have a backup job which backs up nearly 360 GB of data to AWS VTL. After running the backup job, it stored the data  on 1st tape (300GB) and used  2nd tape to write…

  • StarWind VTL Integration with Netvault

    Beginning with release 12.3, NetVault supports StarWind Virtual Tape Library (StarWind VTL), which converts
    physical drives into virtual tapes to emulate tape hardware. It supports standard uplink protocols, including SMB3,
    NFSv4.1, iSCSI, and works with…