• Netvault 13 full backup progress column shows larger amounts of data than whats on disk

    Hey There,

    After upgrading to Netvault 13.0.2 it seems that the progress column of active jobs is consistently reporting incorrect sizes for active full backup jobs. It shows a significantly larger amount of data being backed up in the progress column…

  • Writing to media progress is not showing


    I am using Netvault . I have created  a Backup job ( 20 TB data) which is writing in tapes in media set. The writing in tapes is going on and I am getting email notifications indicating Media full ,Media Unload , Media Load etc.

    However when…

  • What does the Progress Column Actually Report In Job Activity

    Can anyone elaborate a bit on how these numbers are determined.

    0.00 GiB (0 KiB avg)
    ^                ^              what does this mean?

    If this is how much the job has written than there are some serious issues with how incremental jobs work because this number…