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Allow DL owners to add/remove members

We have thousand's of DL's and want to allow owners to change membership with the ARS web interface. (we are on ver 6.9) We are in the process of moving to o365 and once a user's mailbox is moved to the cloud he cannot manage the on-prem group through Outlook. I have some users that have the add/remove option on the web page and others that do not.

     Is there a template I can use for this? And how can I export all the ARS settings being applied to a user so I can compare a working vs non-working user?



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  • If you look at a DL in active directory on the managed by tab I want the owner to be able to add/remove members. But no one else.
    With an on-prem Outlook client an owner can change his DL members but this breaks in a hybrid environment until we move all our DLs to o365. I’d to utilize ARS in the meantime.
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