Active Roles

Upgrading from to 7.2 in parallel


    It is time for us to upgrade our old Quest One Active Roles environment to the latest version.  AR 6.9.0 is running on Server 2008R2, and I would like to build the 7.2 environment on Server 2016.  Active Roles DB is running on SQL 2012, currently.  If I build and in stall the new environment, do I run the "AR 7.2 Configuration Collection Wizard" on the 6.9 environment, then the "AR 7.2 Configuration Deployment Wizard" on the new server?  If I can run these environments in parallel, the production cutover would just be to re-point DNS after testing.  Is this a supported upgrade path?

Thank you.

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  • In-parallel upgrade side-by-side is strongly recommended for reasons:
    (a) RollBack: legacy ARS69 stays untouched and "insuarance" for RollBack if needed
    (b) TEsting: allows time/room to "breath" to test in Production new ARS72, with no impact on HelpDesk and ADAdmin and no heavy cut-over date
    (c) (a-b) is very strong points to support the point: ARS is Enterprise Front-End Compliance sensitive Application and to be treated this way.
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