Active Roles

6.9 to 7.2.1 console, scripting, scp interopability?


Since 6.9 and 7.2.1 can run on the same server, I am curious the difference between the way 6.9 and 7.2.1 interact from a console and scripting perspective.  Essentially I'd like to know if the users who script and mmc against ARS will notice any difference, and if once provided the new version of binaries, would they have to do anything different?  The release notes doesnt seem to specify this.

Does the console simply connect to the matching version?

Do the same powershell commands work for connecting transparently? 

Is additional data added to the service connection points to accomodate this?  Is the information for this transparent to users, no specific changes to scripting/console to force connection to appropriate server version?



  • There is actually a big difference in how all Active Roles clients connect between these versions.

    ActiveRoles Server 6.9 leverages DCOM. This involves a handshake on port 135 and the negotiation of some port above 1024 (by default) for communication. This can be controlled to a degree, but was a bit of a pain-point for communications through firewalls.

    Starting with Active Roles 7.0, this was changed to bi-directional communication on port 15172.

    So, the Management Shell from the opposing version will not even try to connect to anything other than something that it is compatible with - the ports are different, and so is the snapin/module name.

    In ActiveRoles Server 6.9, this cmdlet is recommended to import the Active Roles Management Shell into a PowerShell session:

    Add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement

    In Active Roles 7.x, this cmdlet is recommended:

    Import-Module ActiveRolesManagementShell

    The service connection points for Active Roles 7.x do have a port number associated with them to reflect this change.

    Because of this, the transition is fairly seemless for all Users, other than the requirement to use the new module name. All of the cmdlets from ActiveRoles Server 6.9 are compatible with no changes. There are additional cmdlets added in Active Roles 7.x which offer new features and functionality.